PATTY SKI ski school and rental shop from 10.3.2024 CLOSED

This season we introduce the world biggest snow scooter in our fleet – DODO train has a new locomotive.

Take a look at the incredible features of the new SUPERCLASS 1.2L VVT 12V!

SUPERCLASS 1.2L VVT 12V specifications:
Engine emissions conformityAutomotive EURO-5 / EPA
Engine type3-Cylinder in-line DOHC / VVT
Displacement1200 cc.
Number of valves12
Cylinders blockaluminum
Cylinder headaluminum
Fuel delivery systemElectronic Multipoint Injection System with Electronic Throttle Control (DbW)
Ignition systemelectronic
Cooling systemliquid with front radiator and electric-fan (two-speed)
Engine pre-heater (electric)on request
Recommended fuel typeunleaded gasoline (RON/MON 95/85)
Electric starterstandard
Exhaust system3-way exhaust converter catalyst with dual lambda-probe and remote muffler
Max. power @ 5750 rpm82 ps
Max. torque @ 2750 rpm85 lb-ft / 115 nm
Drive pulley3-mass centrifugal clutch
Driven pulleytorque–sensing with rollers and variable-angle helix
Gear transmissionAP+2 with Direct Drive System (chainless)
Forward-gears2 (Low range / High range)
Reverse / Neutral gearstandard / standard
Trackshi-traction profile
Number of tracks2-Twin
Track carrying structurepolyester fabric and cord / rubber
Track-length (in./mm.)156 / 3968
Track-width (in./mm.)20+20 / 500+500 Twin

The DODO train runs between ski lifts and parking to Funpark.
Tickets can be bought at the driver or in Patty Ski office.

Adults are only allowed when traveling with small kids.
The train is absolutely safe, going slow (max. 15 km/h) and runs on a marked track.