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Ski equipment RENTAL

When you’re a beginning skier or just trying out the sport to decide if it’s the right one for you, it makes sense to rent ski equipment. Once you’re sure that you’re going to spend enough time on the slopes to justify buying ski equipment (which can be expensive) you can invest in your own ski gear.

Skiers can rent a package or rent items individually. You can rent a full set of equipment, skis only or boots only.

Kid set contains
Adult set contains

* I certify that I read the terms and conditions and I agree with those conditions .
If you do not agree with these conditions, your reservation will not be ACCEPTED.


  • VIP-class: New models, fun- extreme carve, snowblade;
  • CARVING-: First class skis.

Rental packages include skis, boots and poles.
Special packages are available for junior skiers. Helmets may be available for an additional charge. That extra expense is well worth the safety you’ll gain by wearing a helmet.



To be able to concentrate entirely on your skiing pleasure, we offer you our PATTY SKI protection package. For just EUR 1 per day you can insure your ski equipment against theft, loss, and breakage.

Ski insurance fee  – pay at  pickup
Kids ski 1 EUR/set /day
Adults 2 EUR/set/day


In the unfortunate event of your skis or boards, rented from PATTY SKI, being stolen, promptly notify us. Subsequently, file a theft report with the Police Department. Once the theft is reported to the police, and you obtain a police report, present it to us. You will then receive an equivalent rental item at no extra cost.


If you lose your skis or snowboard while skiing in deep powder snow or while riding the chairlift, etc. and you cannot recover the rental equipment, please report it immediately to us.


In cases of damage due to a fall or collision, visit us promptly with the impaired rental equipment. Rest assured, you’ll receive an equivalent rental item at no additional cost.
Without opting for the PATTY SKI protection package, you may find yourself responsible for covering the fair value of the rental equipment in the event of theft, loss, or breakage!

It’s important to note that the PATTY SKI protection package exclusively covers theft costs upon presentation of the theft report. Failure to present a theft report will result in the obligation to pay the fair value of the rental equipment. This protection package is not a liability or personal insurance policy.
We cannot be held liable for intentional destruction or damage caused by improper handling. Please be aware that in the case of theft or loss, the customer is required to contribute 20% of the equipment’s value. However, this insurance package provides comprehensive coverage, handling 100% of the costs in case of damage.

Don’t lose your skis

Remember what they look like and, if possible, memorize the serial number that is on the front.
You are responsible for the rented equipment.
Remember rental skis are not ‘rock bashers’, so look after them.

Booking in advance

Plan ahead and reserve your ski rental equipment in advance, especially during busy holiday weeks and school vacation weeks.

Book here.

What You Will Need to Buy

You will need to invest in ski clothing. At the least, you’ll need a warm ski jacket and snow pants, gloves, a layer of long underwear, warm socks and goggles. The following is a list of what you will need to wear:

  • Gloves ( we offer for sale and rent)
  • Goggles ( we offer for sale and rent)
  • Hat or helmet liner ( we offer for sale )
  • Long underwear
  • Ski socks ( we offer for sale )
  • Ski pants and jacket
  • Turtleneck and sweater or fleece

When you’re starting out, you won’t need to buy high-end clothing, but, do make sure that it’s warm and waterproof.

Rental – Terms and conditions

Collection of equipment

Equipment may be collected after 15.00 the day before the collection date indicated on the reservation voucher, without being charged any extra costs.
Equipment will be available up until 30 minutes before close of business on the collection date indicated on the reservation voucher.


The PATTY SKI Rental Store may request the customer to:

  • Pay a deposit to the value of the products rented (including tax), by way of credit card, cheque or cash
  • Provide up to two forms of identification

On return of the equipment, in good order, this deposit will be returned to the customer.

Delays in collection of equipment

In case of delay, the customer must contact the PATTY SKI Rental Store directly. Rental collections can be extended by 24 hours, after which the booking will be automatically cancelled.

Returning equipment

Equipment may only be returned during the opening hours of the PATTY SKI Rental Store.
For security reasons, the customer shall inform the PATTY SKI Rental Store of any shock sustained by the helmets.

Delays in returning equipment

Upon completion of the rental period, as foreseen in the contract, in the case of non-return or in the case of non-payment of a partial invoice/charge, the client shall remain responsible for the equipment in his/her possession. If equipment is returned later than the date stated on the reservation voucher, the customer is obliged to cover any additional costs incurred, according to the standard daily rental rates, and to compensate the PATTY SKI Rental Store for any loss of earnings. If a customer wishes to extend the length of their equipment rental, he or she must contact the rental store directly and, subject to availability, pay any additional costs according to the standard rental rates.

Equipment exchange

For whatever reason, the customer may exchange his or her equipment at any point during the duration of the agreed rental period,(only once a day, though) for other equipment within the same category or lower, without incurring any extra costs. The customer may upgrade equipment to a higher category, and pay the difference in cost according to the standard rental rates.

Early return of equipment

If a customer is obliged to cut the rental period short, for whatever reason, the PATTY SKI Rental Store will not refund the difference, except in medical cases.

Stolen or damaged equipment

The customer must pay for any damage to equipment, other than normal wear and tear. If the equipment can be repaired, repairs may only be undertaken by the PATTY SKI Rental Store itself and the cost of repairs shall be covered by the customer. If damage to the equipment does not warrant repair, the customer is obliged to pay the PATTY SKI Rental Store the replacement value costs. If any equipment is stolen, it must be reported to the police immediately. The customer is obliged to inform the PATTY SKI Rental Store within 24 hours and provide the store with a copy of the police report. Customers are responsible for paying to the PATTY SKI Rental Store the replacement value costs.
If you have a PATTY SKI insurance package, you are covered.

Applicable law and jurisdictions

The contract is subject to the national law of the PATTY SKI Rental Store concerned. Any disputes arising out of, in connection with or in relation to the making of a reservation or the renting of equipment covered by the reservation voucher shall be resolved exclusively in the national courts of thePATTY SKI Rental Store concerned.(that is, Slovakia)